In 1984, under the national science plan, professor Gou Qingquan  established the Institute of High Temperature, High Pressure and Atomic  and Molecular Physics (later divided into “Institute of Atomic and  Molecular Physics” and “Institute of High Temperature and High  Pressure”)  at Chengdu University  of Science and Technology (now a part of Sichuan University). Upon this  foundation, in 1985, the institute was ready to accept Ph. D. student  and at the same year acquired the Ph. D. program. In 1988, it was rated  to be the only national key discipline in atomic and molecular physics.  More than sixty Ph. D. students, one hundred sixty master students have  graduated. In this discipline, the number of graduates is the most in  the nation and best in quality.

The  standard is among the best in the nation and has certain international  influence. In 1992, the Ph. D. and master program was rated No.1 in  the nation. The Research is to train high-level talents, to develop  creative research in the following 5 areas: 1. Atomic and molecular  physics under high temperature and high pressure; 2. Atomic and  molecular physics theory and its application; 3. Nano-meter physics,  atomic, molecular design and high temperature synthetics of new  materials; 4. Cluster physics and atomic collision in solids; 5. Atomic  and molecular fundamental research in bio-condenced matter.

The  characteristic of research is putting emphasis on both fundamentals and  applications, combine national defence and production and have achieved  fruitful results.